How to Find Success as a Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Traveling for a living and making a success of it might sound as though it is a pipe dream but many people do exactly that. If you would like to travel the world, write about it and get paid, then setting up your own travel blog could be the best way to do it. Of course, working for an established publication is another route into travel writing but this won’t necessarily give you the freedom to blog when you want and, perhaps more importantly, from where you want. Want to make a go of becoming a travel blogger? Read on to find out what you need to know.

Set Up a Website You Can Post Your Travel Adventures On

To begin with, you will need your own site to start to monetize your blog posts. If you only use social media channels to write about your travels, then you won’t be able to attract the attention of online advertisers. This will mean some initial outlay but cost-effective web hosting services are available which won’t break the bank. Choose a name for your site that is memorable and that sets you apart from other travel bloggers – they are your competition, after all. Remember, too, that hosting your own blog site means having complete editorial freedom. You could start accepting sponsored content on it, if you want, or you could keep it to your blog posts only depending on the way you want to develop your enterprise. You won’t have this control unless you own your site which means hosting it professionally.

Ensure You Have the Tools to Remain Connected

Being able to communicate effectively when traveling is also crucial. For one thing, you will need to be able to book tickets, hotel rooms, and make arrangements with others you might travel with for parts of your adventure. However, online communication is even more essential when you take into account that you will need to post blogs and respond to comments on your posts from anywhere in the world, sometimes quite remote places. This is why it is a good idea to opt for a global roaming solution that will allow you to use your smartphone for getting online even if there is no WiFi available or the networks that are available are insecure. Armed with the right tech, you should be good to go.

Provide Varied Content for Your Subscribers

Finally, you need to consider what sort of content you will provide. Some bloggers paint a picture with the quality of their wordsmithing but others will find it beneficial to create engaging posts that are augmented by visuals. Investing in a digital camera to take travel photos could be a good move if it enlivens your blogs. After all, photojournalism is a big part of professional travel writing. There again, posting the occasional short video could also be a good idea for subscribers who are more visually oriented.


To sum up, travel writing is a good way to sustain a prolonged period away from home. If you simply want to make enough money to keep traveling the world for longer, then this could become a sustainable lifestyle choice. In the best cases, travel blogs develop into well-known brands in their own right so the sky really is the limit!